Office space

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Real estate type: office
Adress: Volgogradsky prospect 42-24, Moscow
Area: 500 sq.m.

About project

The office was designed first and foremost as a space where the team members could effectively interact with each other and a place that had all the necessary elements for rest and non-formal interaction. At the very inception of the company the founder of TRUST PROJECT realized that the office was the place where the employees spent most of their time. In accordance with the vision of the founder the office should encourage the creativity of each and every single member of the team. The company that works on unique real estate projects and improves the infrastructure of its community had to have such an office that would reflect the spirit of the company.
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From ruins to creative space

The office of TRUST PROJECT is located at the heart of Technopolis Moscow which in turn is the center of the industrial zone of the capital of Russia. In past the facilities were used as a cafeteria of the Moskvich automobile factory. The building was in a poor and neglected condition with absolutely no utility systems. It took over two months just to take out trash and dismantle the broken pieces of the interior and equipment inside the building.


When the renovation was over the inside of the building turned into a modern office space. It had a security system, fire extinguishing equipment, conditioning and climate control systems. Every single element of the office design was carried out in accordance with the brand and the spirit of TRUST PROJECT.

Art in details

The design of the office is quite unique since it contains several nonstandard solutions. These solutions have elements of both classical style and abstract minimalism. Every single element of interior is designed in accordance with the brand of the company. The office space is divided into zones. The zones are organized in an open space format and are separated from each other with transparent glass walls. The office has a separate lounge zone. The lounge zone allows the employees and the partners to relax, discuss business matters in a nonformal setting, as well as enjoy the performances of the best DJs in Moscow. Thanks to the creative and relaxed atmosphere of the lounge zone our team members can look at each project from another perspective, find unique, creative, and extremely effective and efficient solutions for the projects they are working on.

Project results

The office of TRUST PROJECT is a modern and comfortable office space of the B+ grade. The office meets all the necessary standards and at the same time reflects the credo and the culture of the company.