Scientific Entertainment


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Scientific Entertainment

Real estate type: Industrial
Заказчик: Scientific Entertainment, LLC
Address: Volgogradsky prospect 42, Moscow

Area: 1300 sq.m.

About project

From the first day of this project the team had clear understanding of the importance of the project for the community. The team was to construct production facilities for Scientific Entertainment that supplied millions of students and school children with products and services critical for their learning process. It was a high level of responsibility and dedication that allowed the team to perform at its best.

Unique solutions and tight schedule

There are no challenges too great for TRUST PROJECT! The production of the company was located on the second floor of a building that also hosted functioning production facilities of other companies. In order not to stop the production processes of other residents the team made an unprecedented decision to dismantle the façade of the building and use specialized loading machines to move necessary equipment to the second floor. The unique decision allowed the team to avoid any delays in the project and make sure the facilities had become operational by the beginning of the academic year.

Project results

The construction was completed on time. All of the requirements of the client were met. The production started just in time to supply critically important learning equipment to schools and universities before the start of the academic year.