Office space

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Gazprom Bureniye

Real estate type: office


Address: Nametkina st., 12A, Moscow

Area: 550 sq.m.

About project

The headquarters of Gasprom Bureniye are located at the Gazoil Plaza business center. Gazprom Bureniye asked the TRUST PROJECT team to create a comfortable office space that would meet and exceed all the high standards for offices of that class.

Thinking about the neighbors

It is of utmost importance for TRUST PROJECT not only to complete the project on time, but to make sure that people who were affected by the construction could work in a comfortable environment while the construction was under way. Since it was impossible to stop the operation of the business center and make sure that the offices of the neighbors could continue their business as usual, the TRUST PROJECT team made a decision that the construction would be done at night.

Conquering new heights

Another significant challenge was the location of the office. The headquarters of Gazprom Bureniye were located on the 24th floor of the business center. In order to move necessary equipment into and move construction rubble out of the 24th floor, the entire floor including the façade was dismantled and specialized loading equipment was used.

Project results

The construction was completed before the deadline. Gazprom Bureniye now has the headquarters that are appropriate for the status of the company. The employees of Gazprom Bureniye have an opportunity to work in a comfortable environment, which in turns fosters better and more effective decision making for the top management and the employees.